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Recent Updates
  • 4/21/12
    • Re-purchased domain, starting over.
  • 2/18/09
    • Donations added, blog section added.
  • 9/15/08
    • Created a youtube account, started making tutorials and personal videos and uploading them. I just may embed the videos somewhere on the site.
  • 12/12/07
    • New games added, old stuff cleared out, i know it's been a while. I'm very sorry, i'm gonna try and get back on my game.
  • 4/21/07
    • Forum added, please start posting. I am working on an integration method so it can easily fit into the current Random Interactions layout.
  • 4/20/07
    • Added a personal portfolio of past work I have done on the subject of web design.
  • 4/16/07
    • Sorry for the lack of updates, but I have been busy with school and life in general.
    • Working on a portfolio of my web design work, and will be coming up with standard prices for my services.
    • It looks like any school computers using the web sense "Bess" program, used to restrict access to inappropriate web pages, has now blocked Random Interactions, due to online games. There is nothing I can do anymore except to find a new host, which I don't think I want to do.
  • 2/13/07
    • 7 more games added!
    • Adding a button to update your flash player. Some games may not work with flash 7, so you need to update it as soon as possible.
  • 2/9/07
    • New arcade layout for easier game additions.
    • Added 5 different games!
  • 2/9/07
    • Fixed the games.html page to read arcade.html. Some internet filters were blocking this tag, so we have updated it.
    • Added Hapland 3 into the arcade.
    • Fixed a couple games that were not working on some school networks.
  • 12/11/06
    • Ads placed to help benefit you guys. The more income we receive, the more gets put right back into this website for you guys! So keep on clickin!
  • 11/14/06
    • Forums nearing completion, we are using a phpbb based forum, and we are currently in the process of styling it, editing, and integrating it within our current website design.
  • 11/10/06
    • Chat box design has been created, we are in the process of coding for it.
    • Work has begun on our chat box, and hopefully we will begin coding some sort of stats calculator for our page hits, and possibly a login/user account system in the near future.
    • The latest updates box has been added to the site. I use this so users don't get lost thinking that there is no production into these pages, when in face there is. even the smallest details will be recorded from this point on.